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NewsIT brings together news editors and IT

What NewsIT does


News editors create news items to be published quickly and the right people should get aware of them. The company's IT team is at the helm of databases, production processes and telecommunication. Despite of that the set goal are not achieved.

NewsIT can help with improving the communication about the goals, assessing the required resources, and driving high quality solutions to achive the goals.

Know-How Sharing

The news editors and the IT team is taken by the day-to-day business. It works ... but why does each news provider has to reinvent the wheel, aren't there shared rules for running a news business?

NewsIT can support finding the right pattern for running the news business and can contribute international knowledge and rules for it.

Support of Needs

A company has defined how news should be created and distributed; the news editors and the IT team have implemented the plan but unfortunately somethings seems to be missing, details are not working perfectly.

NewsIT can support the implementation by checking the plans, testing modules, and if required also creating and delivering missing elements at least at a prototype level.


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